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Patricia Julber

Patricia Julber

Complements Home Interiors Owner

Patricia Julber has been in the design industry for 30 years. She enjoys the hands on process of design with her mostly residential clients. The design process starts before the building process does. She likes to go over the plans carefully prior to a single scoop of dirt being moved.

She prefers to look over and make sure all aspects of each client’s lifestyle and needs are addressed.

Patricia is a homebuilding and remodeling expert. Her expertise comes from working closely with her clients and the whole group of building professionals who make up the team, to make sure the details are executed well. Her subcontractors are the very best in their professions

From expert finish carpenters, to painters,wood floor artisans, to kitchen and bath professionals;  the Bend team that supports her is nothing short of amazing!

Patricia’s showroom  Chi , Complements Home Interiors, supports her vision of helping her clients achieve their dream home. The materials they can see and touch within her showroom are curated to lessen the overwhelm of selecting the right finish for each portion of the project. From exquisite flooring, to the finest in countertops and tile,beautiful fabrics and custom furniture, the showroom is a visual treat; always changing and showing off her creative ability. Her access to resources from around the globe has helped each client to have the most beautiful homes possible. 

The Chi support staff are always ready to help in whatever way they can. They  will always greet you and make sure you are comfortable within the showroom, offering coffee, tea and/or a snack to help the process go more smoothly.

She attends conferences,markets and webinars often to stay abreast of best business practices in the design field and trending products in both kitchen and bath as well as home finishes. She is a  member of GDCC and COBA.

Her tour homes have won awards and are loved by the people who have purchased them.

In fact, Patricia has developed long term friendships with many of the clients she has had over the years. 

Patricia has continued to excel in her field by connecting with the best in each related industry and fusing those relationships with her clients projects to create one-of-a kind masterpieces from blueprints to bedsheets.

Rena Cant

Rena Cant

Complements Home Interiors Team Member

Rena is the heart and soul of Chi in Bend, Oregon, and makes every single person who walks through our door feel like the most important person in the world! With years of experience in financial services, she is our office manager and expediter-in-chief who can take care of any challenge, big or small. Rena keeps all of us on track!