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While the kitchen maybe the heart of the home, the bath is the soul.

The master bathroom should be a place of refuge. It shouldn’t be just a place to throw make-up on or jump in the shower. How can we take a ho hum place and make your special place?

We start by asking you what is your priority in the bath? Do you love long luxurious baths? Do you want to be able to shower everyday with your mate? Do you want a place to feel glamorous as you put on your make-up? Does your bathroom flow well or is it awkward?

We want your space to have the feel of a 5-star hotel, even if you have a two-star budget! We are masters at creating  fabulous spaces creatively.

We start with the floor and find just the right tile to create the base of the new look. From there we look at your cabinets and decide if you want new or we can find a creative way to re-purpose your existing. Sometimes, adding a new stain is all the old cabinets need to feel updated. We add new counter tops and back splash to complete the vanity area.

New plumbing and lighting fixtures will create a definitive style. Chrome with a single handle will make a contemporary design statement. While oil rubbed bronze gives a rustic and casual feel to the bathroom.

Do you love laying in a hot bath? There are freestanding tubs that take up less space and are visually beautiful. We can help determine if this would be the right fixture for you.

The shower is probably one of the most used spaces in a home and one of the least planned.

There are so many details that need to be discussed when designing a new shower. Do you want two shower heads? Is one of you significantly taller than the other? Will you want/ need a door?

Where will you put soap, shampoo and all the other things that accumulate in your shower?

Is this a place you’ll be able to use as you age? Is it large enough for a wheelchair? Do you need or want a bench?

Should your water closet be separate? Does it give you enough privacy?

These questions are just the beginning of the design process to one of the most overlooked and under-designed spaces in most homes.


Markow Residence

We can assist you with:


  • New Construction Design
  • Creating an En-suite Bath
  • Master Bath Remodels
  • Powder Room Remodels
  • Partial or Complete Bath Redesigns



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