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A Home is…

Markow Residence... comfort, protection, warmth and an anchor for our daily lives. We awake each day, dine, entertain and experience life within our homes. Being surrounded by the colors, textures, materials and furnishings that provide comfort and well being is a tangible part of feeling we are at home. - Patricia Julber, Owner, Complements Home Interiors.

Decorate With Intention

Consumed with knicknacks? Clear it and begin with a fresh start! Similar to caring for a garden, doing a little each day or week will help your home's interior design flourish. Don't feel that you need to take it all on at once. Start in one room and create a vision. It's been said over and over, less is more. And it's still true. It will give you a sense of clarity when everything has a place and nothing goes missing. We love organization and find the challenge of bringing it together with the best interior design, very rewarding. If you have a space or a couple spaces that need a little help, our professional.

Area Rug Secrets

We all love to accessorize our homes, and it is fun to add pattern, texture, color and beauty through accent pieces. One of the most overlooked and potentially impressive accessories for an interior space is the area rug. If you want to get a really big  BANG for your buck, use area rugs strategically to add intrigue to your home. A well-chosen area rug can have an amazing impact in just about any room, yet so many homes have no area rugs, or feature run of the mill area rugs that do very little to actually enhance the space or increase aesthetic appeal..

Wanting a New Fireplace?

Been admiring your neighbor's fireplace and mantle?

The cold weather season is upon us, maybe it's time to embrace the fact that your home could use an interior face lift.  Why not start with the focal point of the room - the fireplace, mantel and hearth?

Are you perhaps ready to explore the idea of stone?

There are many natural stone color choices available that would work well in your existing living, dining, family, bath, kitchen or great room setting.

Come down to our showroom today and let us educate and guide you in your quest for the perfect, copy fireplace.