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Your Surroundings

Being at my niece's wedding recently was such a joy. The wedding was outside and captured the beauty of northern California. It was held under the scrub oak trees on a friend's property. There were hay bales for seats and locally raised food was served for dinner. It made me think about how wonderful it is to take advantage of the area in which you live, to design your home, your living sanctuary to complement the surroundings and have your surroundings complement your home. When we try to force a look on a home in an area that doesn't suit the style, it appears out of place.  I'm not saying all homes should look alike or that.

Process Matters

We met with some potential clients not long ago. It was a wonderful first meeting. They brought pictures of their home and explained what they liked and didn't like about it. We realized in talking to them, how much it helps to be clear about our process and how we approach design. It may be from a different perspective than other designers. We like to find out about their lives and how they live within their home. The details are so important... Knowing if they are reclusive or if they like to entertain. Those details can change the way we might place a sofa or chairs in a great room. Is television important or is music.

Inspiration Everywhere

How does inspiration hit you? I find it sometimes creeps up and taps me on the shoulder with a subtle color that might be perfect for a sofa or a tile choice. Other times it slaps me up side the head, when I look at metal wall art that started its life as an oil drum lid or bottom. To repurpose a once functional piece into art that inspires me!.

Stepping it up with Color

Each year, Pittsburgh Paints picks a paint color that goes much deeper than a trend, it generally is a color from which palettes are begun. PPG Voice of Color® has just revealed Turning Oakleaf ATC-38 is the 2014 Color of the Year, saying, "Residing in a palette that reflects the spirit of pause and renewal, this color aligns with the mega trend of refreshed thinking that coincides with a new year." We couldn't agree more with the choice. Its soft, barely there pastel-like quality evokes a tranquil, yet optimistic tone, like a buttercream. It pairs well with brights, citrus colors and warmer neutrals as well as blues, purples and greens. You could paint.