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Reasons to Hire a Designer

10. An interior designer helps to tell your story, maybe even your history- We help to make your house your home.

9. We have a trained eye to figure out what is wrong in a space and what is right. This comes from years of experience. you may own 3 or 4 homes over the course your life.

We are in 5 -10 homes a month and can see the things that are out of scale or perspective.

8. Home Price- We can help increase the value of your home and potentially increase showings and speed up the time on the market. 7. Wow factor! Je ne se quois- The “I don’t know why, but this place.

Interior Design Explained

Have you ever worked with an Interior Designer? Do you know what to expect? How do they charge? Do you really need to use an Interior Designer? We will cover these questions and more over the next couple of posts.

First, let me start by saying: Interior Design is not a mysterious, magical profession. Because every Designer works in a different way, it can be confusing to use one designer on your house and then use another and have their processes and way of charging be completely different.

Some designers only charge for their time. Some designers charge a flat fee for their design time and then add a cost plus mark-up to all purchases you.

Animal Print Pizzazz

Sometimes a little animal print goes a long way in adding pizzazz to a room. This couple had an incredible trip to Africa that had been captured in photos and were on the walls. We thought pulling the colors together with an animal print and some tape to add interest to the valance would help to make a bland room be more interesting and fun. It also joined a long bank of windows together that all had different heights of trim to make them appear more uniform..

Small Changes

We've been having small jobs photographed for the last few weeks. We love these design jobs! They provide almost instant gratification for both our interior design clients and us! Changing drapes, a sofa, chairs and area rug or designing a small kitchen redo. It feels so good to walk in and see the results of such a dramatic change. Here is an example of one recent design project. after.